Animated Business Video is the Missing Piece of Your Marketing Success.

Customers will only leave if you don't use two or more critical motivators in an Animated Business Video. We use a scientific formula to ensure your animation video grabs your audience's attention.

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Why Is Animated Business Video Important?

Storytelling, in general, started from the beginning of time. Every successful brand around us has a compelling story to share. Animated brand storytelling is a way to drive your customer's behavior using various emotional motivators.

Without a brand story, your brand will have no way to gather insights from your customers. Your brand awareness may be down to the bottom, giving you no options to work on growth and profitability.

The animation art form is excellent for your customers to distinguish your brand from others. Animated brand storytelling works as a powerful barricade to grab your customers' attention and inject the benefits of your product in short.

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How To Animate Your Brand Identity?

Brand identity is those factors that excite your customers' minds, visually provide a ground for them to remember your brand for a long time.

Animating your brand identity will prevent your customers from choosing your competitors' brand over yours. You can hire a professional animated brand video production house to fix your brand identity.

You can produce series of bite-size animated brand video that reflects your identity for social media marketing. Also, create explainer videos where all your brand identity such as logo, colors, design elements are present to impact your customers.

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What Are Branding Elements?

A brand story is one of the vital elements of a brand. Animated brand story is decisive for your customers to make a purchasing decision.

The second is brand position, and it means what your brand does for others. You can creatively express all branding elements using animated videos.

The third one is the brand association, which determines the physical artifacts of your brand like colors, font, image, tagline, logo, slogan, etc.

The final two are a brand promise, which clarifies what your product is committed to serving, and brand personality, which is essentially the trait of your brand.

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How Much
Do Animated Business Video Cost?

Typically a goal-oriented branded Animated Business Video costs from $1,000 to whooping $50,000. Many different factors determine the price. The numbers of characters, duration of the animation, art style are few notable ones.

Branded Animated Business Video production requires fine-tuning with research, concept art, scripting, character and prop development, scene layout, and tons of technicalities. It is undoubtedly a teamwork consist of voice artists, storyboard artists, animators, and technical directors.

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When To Use
An Animated Business Video?

Animated Business Video give the best result when it is part of your company's marketing strategy. When there is a specific benefit you want to let your audience from the top of the funnel notice, you should create a campaign.

An ideal campaign consists of an ad, inbound and omnichannel approach to collect enough customer insights to connect and make sales. Marketing brand storytelling video create the bridge between the top of the funnel to the bottom. Hence without any set digital marketing strategy producing an brand storytelling video will only bring views but not sales.

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How Much Time Animated Business Video Production Takes?

For an ideal animated Animated Business Video production, it can take from 4 - 8 weeks to finish. However, this is a timeline for one 2-3 minutes long animated video. If you have more than one or a series, our team can lower the per piece production time by a week.

Sometimes few businesses require extensive research and development for producing an animated brand storytelling video. In such a case, the duration can extend up to 12 weeks per production.

We will ensure you are 100% on the same page with us in every step through the production. To minimize production time, we encourage you to be responsive.

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