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NFT Graphic Designer

client is tired of finding right NFT designer

Tired of searching for a great designer who understands how Crypto art functions?

a broken piggy bank

Wanted to save money and got a broken designer from cutthroat marketplaces who have delivered you nothing but a tray of toasted designs that no one liked?

sailor looking for island

Your DAO is looking for the missing graphics designer who will not leave you right after the task is finished?

Hi, I am Shoeb. I am here to help your NFT project launch exactly how you expected.
I have ten years of experience in Graphics Design and Digital Marketing simultaneously.

Check out what I am offering below;

Shoeb Mohammad Speaking

NFT Graphic Designer Package

We offer you a great price that will save you from the never-ending pain and suffering to manage the whole design part of your NFT project.

Complete NFT art collection either in 2D or 3D. You can generate up to 10k+ mintable arts based on your character/concept.

Stop Running from designer to designer, marketplace to marketplace and pull all your hairs out managing different contractors.

I will create your chosen colorful base characters, all different traits; addons, detailed distinguish features until you are 100% satisfied with the final result!

Entire mobile-friendly website design using the theme of your project, cohesive arts, graphic blocks

Hiring a coder to design your website is like shooting a pool with a rope. And sub-contracting a separate designer will kill most of your patience running back and forth between the NFT artist and the web dev.

So, the solution here is I will do both your website design and your NFT arts, so all you have to do is the point on the changes you wish me to make.

All promotional design materials for your digital marketing. Including promotional ad animation, social media designs, billboard design, cover images for the marketplace, etc., options to include copywriting.

Trust me (or Google it), to avoid producing a flop project that no one cares about, you will need tons of design materials to promote your social channels.

Sometimes it is a simple JPG file, but other times it is tricky GIF or dreadful animated video content you will need for branding.
I will provide every type of asset you'll ever need.
All you have to do is ask!

Participation on any podcast, clubhouse, Twitter/discord space sharing experience and community building.

High-paying collectors do not like pump and dump projects, so organic growth is vital for the success of your project.

Showing the artist's face (me) behind this will not only add value/authority to your community.

But I also will entertain the audience (yep, every once in a while, I want to become a standup comedian)!

In short, "I'll be there for you!"

Okay, that's all good, but why should you trust me, right?

Flawless Security

I have been active for almost a decade in the design and marketing industry.

I always make sure all your assets are 100% protected from scammers, fake marketers, so-called "influencers" to explode your inbox.

Not to forget the competitors who want to drag your projects down by the pants and overexpose them.

All assets are safe until the first launch of your project, or else I will work for FREE!

Added Utility

Once you hire me, you also hire a fraction of my spouse, who provides 360 digital marketing. Whenever a trend is going off the roof and marketing inputs are required, we discuss and run small research and development sessions before showing you any results.

This will save you from the headache of hiring another consultant for social media management, as we will already show you a helpful guide that you can apply for the organic growth of your NFT community.

Diverse Experience

I have touched the top branches of the graphics design tree.

I also taught 3D animation academically to remove that tension line from your forehead that the designer will mess everything up.

Also, I have previous experience working in a 10K+ blue chips NFT project as lead designer and art director.

I took care of everything you see here I am offering.

Unbelievable Customer Service

Years old clients would message me to solve or design on demand. I comply without thinking for a second time because there is no space for a "number of changes" in my work ethic but customer satisfaction. It keeps me alive both literally and philosophically.

I provide after-sale service to ensure your idea and vision for the project are not neglected and meet your expectations with minimal friction.


How much does your service cost?

It really depends on the depth of your project. Some of your projects might need only a few of my services, where the charge can be as low as ~$1k. When you hire me almost exclusively, obviously, the rate will go higher.

Do you have previous Experience with NFTs?

Yes, one of my arts is on Opensea was sold for 10 eths! And my arts were published in dozens of newspapers in the US.

How do I hire you?

You can hire me by signing off the contract.

Alternatively, If you want to hire me through a marketplace where you want to pay me via milestones, I am available on every central platform, i.e., Freelancers, UpWork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour and many more.

I will be bound to provide you with all the services you will require to complete and pay me via cross-border payment platforms.

Can I add you to my DAO or team?

Yes! I can speak as your artist to any podcast, media coverage or publications you can arrange.

How long does it take you to create the NFT arts for me?

It really depends on the project scope. If your project is a static 2D, the completion can be as low as a few weeks. When it is 3D or character animation/motion graphics animation, the project's duration will be longer. No worries, though.

I will clearly let you know a realistic deadline before hiring me.

Do you offer unlimited changes?

Yes! I will work until you are delighted with the arts, no matter how much tweaking is required.

Do you do websites too?

Yes! You should hire me for web design, as I will have tons of options to put a specific design on a specific part of the page following your branding.

Do you do 3D animation too?

Yes, 3D promotional animation, character animation, anything you can see in the design I produce.

How come you are not creating a project yourself and making all the money?

Then, who would have helped you with your project?

Ready to get started?

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