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Cramp down information and make it fun for all using our animated education video. Whether you are NGO, Social welfare associations, or an individual business, we got you covered.

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"Undoubtedly, one of the best animation production companies we have had the pleasure of working with, we will be hiring AnimationBD again for sure. Some of the best quality work we have come across, thanks, you guys are legends!"

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How To Make Animated Educational Video?

Producing an animated educational video takes research and development. Once you find out what your prospect should learn, you can draw a diagram that clearly explains what materials will be present in the educational video and solve all the problems for a group of people.

Then you can hire professional animated educational content creators or an ideal animation production house. After selecting one, hand off the documents to the team to write a compelling yet concise script for the animation.

The production team will then draw you the storyboard. Take your time and see if the storyboard flows with the learning process which you want to enforce. Once you make all the changes, the animators will finish animating your educational videos based on the storyboard.

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Why Should You Make Animated Educational Videos?

Animated educational videos do several jobs at once. Firstly it is content that fuels the top of the funnel by creating awareness. Meaning you can start siphoning the ideal customer profiles from the well-planned animated educational content.

Secondly, it is ideal for any industry. Hence, you can create animated educational videos that follow trendy topics to position your brand on the higher part of search rank.

Finally, animated educational videos are a gold mine for you to extract infographics for your related blogs, snippet videos for social media, how your product or service works, and many other assets.

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What Makes AnimationBD Unique When It Comes To Animated Educational Content?

AnimationBD uses the technique of blending high-impact motivators with a strong storyline and engaging art style. For any subject you want us to solve, we will create the easiest-to-understand script for your educational animation.

No matter how complex your service or product is for the target audience, we use the concept flattening method to break it down for everyone to grasp. But we go further to coat the final product with an engaging art style that not only goes with your brand elements but also emotionally moves your audience to stick around for a more extended period.

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How Much Do Animated Educational Video Cost?

Typically a goal-oriented branded animated educational video costs from $1,000 to whooping $50,000. Many different factors determine the price. The numbers of characters, duration of the animation, art style are few notable ones.

Branded animated educational video production requires fine-tuning with research, concept art, scripting, character and prop development, scene layout, and tons of technicalities. It is undoubtedly a teamwork consist of voice artists, storyboard artists, animators, and technical directors.

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When To Use A Marketing Animated Educational Video?

Animated marketing animated educational video give the best result when it is part of your company's marketing strategy. When there is a specific benefit you want to let your audience from the top of the funnel notice, you should create a campaign.

An ideal campaign consists of an ad, inbound and omnichannel approach to collect enough customer insights to connect and make sales. Marketing animated educational video create the bridge between the top of the funnel to the bottom. Hence without any set digital marketing strategy producing an animated educational video  will only bring views but not sales.

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How Much Time Animated Educational Video Takes?

For an ideal animated educational video production, it can take from 4 - 8 weeks to finish. However, this is a timeline for one 2-3 minutes long animated video. If you have more than one or a series, our team can lower the per piece production time by a week.

Sometimes few businesses require extensive research and development for producing an animated educational video. In such a case, the duration can extend up to 12 weeks per production.

We will ensure you are 100% on the same page with us in every step through the production. To minimize production time, we encourage you to be responsive.

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