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Animated Explanation Videos
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What Is The Best Explainer Video Definition?

An animated video that explains a core benefit of a particular product or service is an explainer video. The core goal of animated explainer videos is to drive consumer behavior using multiple emotional motivators.

Explainer videos are part of the digital content marketing ecosystem. These are ideal for pages that collect information, also known as landing or home pages. Typically for a successful marketing campaign, several explainer videos are required to be produced.

Animated explainer videos are either branded or generic. However, Only branded explainer videos tend to work as a powerful marketing tool to connect with customers' emotions.

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How Long Should An Explainer Video Be?

Human attention span reduces by 4 seconds every 15 years. Currently, it is around 8 seconds. So the shorter the length of an explainer video, the better.

However, it is unrealistic to explain anything within that short amount of time, which is why a good explainer video breaks down the script in parts with high impact motivators to keep the audience engaged.

Many successful explainer video production companies create explainer videos 120 seconds long to yield the best result for a video marketing campaign.

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How Long Should An Explainer Video Be?

Writing a script for an explainer video is very different than writing a novel. It is quite the opposite.

First, you have to find the key benefit of a product or service. Then it would help if you found high-impact motivators that connect your customers' emotions with the use you want to highlight.

The writing should be concise and have a conversational tone. At the end of the script, there must be a specific call to action encouraging the audience to take steps.

Lengthwise, the video script should contain no more than 250 words.

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How Much Do Explainer Videos Cost?

Typically a goal-oriented branded animated explainer video costs from $1,000 to whooping $50,000. Many different factors determine the price. The numbers of characters, duration of the animation, art style are few notable ones.

Branded animated explainer video production requires fine-tuning with research, concept art, scripting, character and prop development, scene layout, and tons of technicalities. It is undoubtedly a teamwork consist of voice artists, storyboard artists, animators, and technical directors.

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When To Use A Marketing Explainer Video?

Animated marketing explainer videos give the best result when it is part of your company's marketing strategy. When there is a specific benefit you want to let your audience from the top of the funnel notice, you should create a campaign.

An ideal campaign consists of an ad, inbound and omnichannel approach to collect enough customer insights to connect and make sales. Marketing explainer videos create the bridge between the top of the funnel to the bottom. Hence without any set digital marketing strategy producing an explainer video will only bring views but not sales.

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How Much Time Explainer Video Production Takes?

For an ideal animated explainer video production, it can take from 4 - 8 weeks to finish. However, this is a timeline for one 2-3 minutes long animated video. If you have more than one or a series, our team can lower the per piece production time by a week.

Sometimes few businesses require extensive research and development for producing an animated explainer video. In such a case, the duration can extend up to 12 weeks per production.

We will ensure you are 100% on the same page with us in every step through the production. To minimize production time, we encourage you to be responsive.

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