Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I sign up for services?

A: You can easily request us a quote providing details for your requirement and we will send you a quotation absolutely free of cost! Once you’re onboard, we will send you an NDA form to fill up followed by a Work Order after you complete your first payment milestone.

Q: Why would I need to sign up an NDA?

A: You want your intellectual property to be secured and exclusively retain all the rights to use publicly, a non-disclosure agreement will allow you to protect your information as well as project deliverable, hence it is mandatory for you to sign up an NDA with AnimationBD before starting a design service.

Q: How would I receive my assets?

A: AnimationBD uses Google Backup and Sync, Dropbox and WeTransfer for uploading your contents in the cloud, once the job is finished and you have cleared your invoice, we will send you the unwatermarked version of final product.

Q: How much do I pay for a quotation?

A: No matter how long we need to evaluate your requirement of a project and generate a quote, you pay nothing for requesting a quotation.

Q: What is my cost for consultation?

A: None, AnimationBD provides free consolation for you, no hidden fees!

Q: How would I book for a consultation?

A: Just click on Contact and send us your availability over phone, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat or any other way of communication, we will get back to you with options for a meeting accordingly.

Q: How long each consultation sessions are for?

A: Free consultations are 10 minutes face to face (video) conversation.

Q: What I need prior to book a consultation?

A: Your information and clear idea of your product/services, any additional information or samples are ideal.

Q: Is there any Tax or Insurance involve to my payment?

A: No, all services of AnimationBD are inclusive of tax or levies, no hidden payment will apply ever to your invoice.

Q: When do I pay for my services?

A: Depending on your project scope, for a shorter project you may be requested to pay total due in advance, where more comprehensive projects will give you the option to break it in two milestone, 50% upfront and rest 50% upon completion?

Q: How do I pay for my services?

A: You can use any payment method of your choice, starting from ACH bank money transfer, G Pay, eCheck, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, AMEX, Paypal, Neteller, MoneyGram and what not!

Q:  How long will a typical service will take to finish?

A: AnimationBD believes in speed & accuracy for delivering your project, upon the scope of your project when you request for a quote, we will provide you the time for completion of the particular service.

Q: Can I track progress of my service here?

A: Absolutely, just send us your Work Order ID, provided with your Work Order memo, we will send you the current development phase in return.

Q: Can I have the project files delivered?

A: Yes! You can let us know if you need the project files for your project and we will deliver all files through cloud for a fee & agreement which applies based on the scope of the service.

Q: Isn’t the price for some services bit too high?

A: AnimationBD uses competitive market research for almost anything for making sure your project is measured clearly based on ROI, which is why the quoted price you have received from us is absolutely reasonable, you are welcome to do a quick search for similar products or drop us a line to let us send you price range of the service which you have requested for a quote.

Q: Which accent of voice over will I get?

A: Any accent of your choice really. Simply mention the desired voiceover accent of your choice on ‘request a quote’ description box and we will deliver accordingly.

Q: Can I provide my selected voice over for a video?

A: Absolutely you can, in that case you must mention that on your request a quote form so that we opt out from quoting voice over service from our part.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: You are eligible for a refund as long the service agreement allows it, please refer to our TOS section for more on refund policy.

Q: I cannot upload a file in Request a quote form?

A: You may use a shared link from cloud drive and send in the asset such as PDF, DOCX, JPG etc. you wish us to use as reference, alternatively for any video link use YouTube or Vimeo link on the description box.