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We're Determined To Make A Change To The World Of Animated Videos Were Telling Your Story To Your Peers Makes All The Difference.

The Science Behind Our Animated Contents

  • Fully connected customers are 52% more valuable, on average than those who are just highly satisfied.
  • That is why we use the "emotional connection pathway" for taking customers on a transitional journey from not connected to connect with your brand in our animation fully.
  • We also use proven emotional motivators in our animated content to drive your consumer behavior based on research and customer analysis.

Hi, I am Shoeb

My journey started a decade ago as an online entrepreneur. I formed my first animation studio and also got into teaching animation academically. I was then picked as the brand ambassador of a global payment company called Payoneer. Gradually I started harnessing the power of being a marketer. I then worked as marketing manager of another global company called Eskimi. Currently, I have reformed my animation studio AnimationBD to a creative ad agency providing a host of services worldwide.

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Meet my spouse Femi. She and I both are from the same online community. We first met at an online event that I was hosting. She started her professional journey as a freelance digital marketer. After we tied our knot, we both dedicated ourselves to AnimationBD. Femi is working as the business development manager and providing all digital marketing needs for our clients and our agency.

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Meet Will, our only son. Source of inspiration for both Femi and Me. He allows us to run our business for our clients with minimum interruption.

Shahzaib Chowdhury Will

What Excites Us?

We love to tell your story to the world. We cherish establishing a solid connection with you. Nurturing your brand and helping your business is the ultimate fuel of our motivation.

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We want to help your business idea. Strengthen your brand strategy and help you provide your professional service to embrace emotional connection all around.

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