Terms Of Services

AniationBD foremostly prioritized the long terms commitment with your and your business. Our goal is to ensure your idea is being reached out to your audience through our animation videos, design pieces and other forms of arts that we offer for you. We work directly with you ensuring all the requirements are met according to your needs. Our support to a flexible and trustworthy relationship with you has the following terms to consider below.


Once you receive the quotes from us upon request, any associated fees for the work will be mentioned clearly as payment terms. If there’s any third-party payment involved in the work process it will also be mentioned briefly on the quotation document.

Correction to initial brief and revisions or service extension

AnimationBD is flexible when it comes to changes, as soon there is a need for changes in the brief that you think must be accounted for, we will promptly send you revised version of the quotation, where appending changes and reflecting cost will be mentioned. An additional fee will take place on your quotation for the following reasons;

  • Repetition of similar work
  • Re-presentation of similar work
  • Appending more work to the project
  • Committing changes to initial brief which may require extra work

Any points mentioned above will only be applicable once you have confirmed us that there must be any requirement of changes that needs consideration.

Reducing the payment or fees only be applicable once there is a clear reason stated from both you and us and is accepted by both parties with logical explanation.

Work Order and Fees

AnimationBD values your time and expects you value the time for the creative minds who are fueling this venture, which is why our creative process starts right after a Work Order is finalized with payments reaching to our designated account. An invoice will be generated for your work and send directly to you with due date for releasing fund, before completion of the work and handing over the assets to you any balance of the fee will also be invoiced for you to pay. Any prior payment must be cleared one week before the due date on your work order.

Ending a contract

In any circumstances when a work order or contract terminates, it must be notified in a written form. As long cancellation of a particular project occurs from the end of AnimationBD, we will fully refund/reimburse any payment that you have initially paid against a work order.

On the other hand, if you think the contract shall end, you agree to complete reimbursing the fund which was agreed by you on the work order, any work in progress which required payments initially in the agreement must be cleared by you, third party elements and assets which was part of your project also must be reimbursed according to this agreement.

Asset Usage Permissions

AnimationBD permits you and your association, company and/or peer to reuse, distribute the produced final content for promotional purposes. However, for commercial usage of any assets which we have delivered solely to you grants permission to use commercially. Otherwise may require our permission prior to using through any channel, broadcasting agency or social media etc. You may obtain Asset Source or project development files for additional fees which applies according to your project scope.

Work Standardization

AnimationBD excels delivering quality contents for you, anytime you think there needs a notification for changing storyboard, art style, customization for concept arts or asset, you are to notify us in writing within one business week of signing a work order, after 7 business days we will consider our initial brief and proposal as final deliverable in terms of art direction approved by you. This is your sole responsibility to provide feedback and approve all drawings, texts, illustrations, technical drawings, art pieces, storyboard and previews in the developing stage/pre-production.

Use of Open Content

AnimationBD uses unique arts to create your contents, philosophically in this universe every artwork is inspired by another, which ensures you that every artworks created in AnimationBD for you will be enthused from other arts, yet not sourced directly, however, at times when needed, you agree to allow AnimationBD for using open contents with CC public domain rights, which will never violate any copyright in fragmentation law of any kind for the content which we will produce for you.

Public Policy

All business terms mentioned above shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Bangladesh and subject of exclusive jurisdiction of the Bangladesh High Courts.