Four ways an explainer video production can fix (or give birth to) your brand’s digital marketing.

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How often do you see a good brand using various visual elements in almost all its marketing campaigns? There is only one answer, always. Because scientifically, we primates tend to bounce as soon as confusion arises. Think of the  times you landed on a product page from a link and thought of yourself, "golly, what are they selling here?"

Branding is essential to retain your customers' attention. The longer you keep their attention, the better chance you can control their purchasing decision.

Good branding also creates authenticity of your product. 86% of consumers think they must support or make a purchase based on this factor. 81% will only purchase from the brand that they trust.

A handful of companies fail to explain to their target audience what experience they are offering—making the top of the funnel prospects baffled long enough to bounce. There goes one lead!

Notice I used the word 'experience' here. Companies do sell expertise. Customers do not 'purchase' a product but a relationship, a connection with your brand.

Marketers find that by using animated explainer videos, you can generate 66% qualified leads annually. It is enormous considering how easy it is to establish your branding elements.

Branding is the starting stone of your digital marketing castle. You can only build it up using a particular brand strategy—otherwise, crickets.

Now digital marketing works as the blocks of cement for building up your digital brand fortress. And the cement is made of few key ingredients where animated video production is critical to have present.

Let's see the top five reasons how animated video production can set up your digital marketing process to sprout your brand finally.

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1) Animated Explainer Videos are a Box of Pandora:

There are two possible scenarios here, either your business has proper branding, or it does not. Eligibility of correct branding includes brand elements aligned—your logo, color bible, arts, visual elements, typography, tone, etc.

You also have to have a brand strategy. But for the sake of argument, let's stick to brand elements. Either way, an animated explainer video will require a story. A story is nothing without characters. Characters will have specific visual distinct features – so that your audience can recognize your brand.

Producing an animated explainer video will introduce you to all those elements. Upon finishing the production, you still have the chance to reuse those elements over and over. On your web banner, on your monthly newsletter, your social media post, and whatnot.

It is highly effective  – why? Remember I told you about the confusing primate part in the opening? You certainly do not want your audience not to be able to detect your brand within few touchpoints.

Suppose you hire a professional production house to produce your animated explainer video. In that case, the team will automatically offer you all these extra design elements. You can ask your web guy or person who manages your social channels to take advantage of all those scrap designs extracted from the animated explainer video.

This process boosts your brand awareness. Anyone from the top of the funnel will start relating and establishing that invisible bond with your brand almost instantaneously.

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2) It Saves you Thousands of Marketing Budget:

But isn't animated explainer videos cost thousands of dollars to produce? Yes, but a product with a market price of more than $10/piece can get a return of several hundred times using that piece of content strategically.

Landing pages with explainer videos convert 88% more than a page with no animation at all. It means using landing page tactics to generate leads will return your investment within a few weeks.

If you think boosting social media is digital marketing, then think again. Prominent marketers think promoting your digitally broken brand on social media is flushing thousands into the toilet. It sounds eerie, and I know it - but it is true.

A well-constructed animated explainer with correct search engine optimization, aka SEO, will bring you 160% more organic traffic. Using other methods to gain such a number will cost you at least 30 times more than what you would spend on an animated explainer video.

Any competent animated video production company would do particular tasks before handing over the rendered video files. The team will research your product or service positioning first and then your top five competitors. The scriptwriter from the team will gather all researched focus keywords and deploy a content strategy that will reflect on the storyboard. Using all these keywords, the wordsmith will develop the final script – just like a short movie.

Management will ensure that you as a client are happy with that, even though you can rely on the team's expertise on this as this is what they do professionally, after all.

After this, the concept artist will match your visual brand elements to the characters and props to give enough visual aid for the storyboard artists.

Storyboard artists will create hundreds of panel arts, indicating what the viewers will see on the screen and how long. Throughout the process and the project manager, the art director, will peek above the shoulder and ensure everything is going smoothly.

Storyboard artist hands over the drawing to the editorial, who will run the audio and sequence the storyboard to create an animatic. The manager will show that to you and take my word on this. After this many rounds of work, you would only love the animatic.

Upon your approval, the team of animators and designers will create all the elements and bring your explainer video production alive.

In this entire process, you will gain valuable information, art pieces, contents, characters, ideas on setting the tone for a campaign, and unlimited resources for other parts of digital marketing, like ad campaigns, email marketing, social media promotion, ad animation, etc.

You do not have to hire gurus for thousands of consultation bucks to get all this data. The crew of your trusted animation video production company has done all the heavy lifting for you.

You also do not need to hire different artists from here and there. Thinking you are saving amounts of money but, in reality, compromising the brand structure and repaying again for producing your video from scratch.

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3) It Creates the Emotional Connection Pathway:

Harvard University published a paper, "The New Science of Customer Emotion." In the article, they used the term "Emotional Connection Pathway."

It is a model that aligns your brand with your prospective high valued customers using emotional motivators. Few emotional motivators are "stand out from the crowd," "feel a sense of belonging," "feel a sense of freedom," "enjoy a sense of well-being," etc.

Once aligned, the ECP model creates a transition of your unconnected customers to fully connected customers.

It is the only scientific model where consumer behavior is analyzed based on their emotions. It shows how a brand can connect to a customers' emotion and boost up to a 70% chance of being a fully connected loyal customer.

Animated explainer videos have the sheer ability to move the audience emotionally. The critical ingredient is the story here. All explainer videos will address a problem and a gradual solution that shows how it can save time and money for potential customers. It requires a clever way to introduce a character or a protagonist who embarks on this journey.

The journey will show that your solution is the savior for the protagonist. That is where the emotional bond arises. It is a delicate balance of arts and science.

The model shows that your fully connected customers are 52% more valuable than those who are just highly satisfied. Their corresponding value seems beyond various metrics, such as shopping and repetition of purchase of your product.

Thus an animated explainer video production directly influences the high impact motivators, reflecting on the emotional connection pathway, which scientifically improves sales and revenue of your company.

As a result, if your brand does not have an ECP set, it is broken and expects almost no customers anytime soon. To change the scenario, believe in animated explainer videos to fit your brand's digital marketing.

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 4) It Gives your Brand a Purpose:

Your brand is something close to your heart. It has personal values to you. Your brand is also a reason why you belong to the universe. We often think it is not, but let me prove it to you.

What makes you feel every morning when you wake up? Is it your family members? Is it your friends? Or the party that is about to happen this weekend? None of them are suitable. You think about your work, your job, your brand. No matter how hard we want to deny, we mammals find no reason to live without purpose.

Your brand is very much like yourself. It needs a purpose to serve others, solve issues and ultimately try to make this world a slightly better place to live for everybody. Animated video production is like a hand-crafted artifact with infinite value to you. It also serves the purpose of telling your brand's story to the rest of the world. As soon as you develop one for your brand, you would use it to attract people to convert them into your loyal customers.

Well, a polished animated explainer video will attract potential customers and intrigue you to market the video in every way possible. You can start by telling your newsletter subscribers that you have published a new animation on your site. You can use it as your email marketing strategy to gather even more leads.

An email with an animated video will have 300% better click rates. 73% of emails with interactive animated content embed will have a successful click-to-open rate. The click-through rate aka CTR of a video containing email is 96%

Furthermore, an animated explainer video intrigue you to plan your brand's digital marketing strategy, which is equivalent to test your brand's market value and popularity at a time.


Animated explainer videos possess the power to fix or start your brand's digital marketing journey and create trustworthiness in your customers. It is far more than just a video that you want to upload. But it provides you a guide to project a long-term financial plan using your brand.

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