? Crypto Yoyo Club NFT Whitepaper

Crypto Yoyo Club Whitepaper


  • Phase 1: Build the Community - Q3 2022
  • Whitelist spots to grow community
  • Establish a social media presence
  • Recruit Moderators
  • Build Crypto Yoyo Club smart contract
  • Whitelist verification
  • Open whitelist for minting
  • Public-sale
  • List on Opensea
  • List on Rarible
  • Dispatch donations
  • Phase 2: Build the Utilities – Part 1 - Q4 2022 - 2023
  • Start Working on Twitter NFT Banner for all holders.
  • Build $PINZ Token smart contract
  • Establish a Voting Platform for all holders
  • Publish script for Pilot Episode of 2.5D Animated Short
  • Collect Votes and Setup Production Pipeline for Animated Shorts
  • Crypto Yoyo Club NFT holders to claim their $PINZ token
  • Finalize NFT Banners and Airdrop to all holders for free mint
  • Drop merch store for hoodies, T-shirts, Mugs, etc.
  • Phase 3: Build the Utilities – Part 2 - 2023
  • Start poll for creating 3d Animated Mecha/Ape NFT collection
  • Build DAO Treasury and a Multi-Signature TRX Ecosystem
  •  Initiate working on the second and third episodes of 2.5D animated shorts
  •  Initiate working on 3d Animated Mecha/Ape NFT collection (Free mint for all Crypto Yoyo Club NFT holders)
  • Initiate Deployment of Crypto Yoyo Club Marketplace

Learn About Crypto Yoyo Club NFT Whitepaper


Crypto Yoyo Club is a collection of 2,222 uniquely and randomly auto-generated Hyper Realistic 3d Animated Yo-yos, which have different body, decal, rim, string, and counterweight sets. Each part of the yo-yos has a different rarity level and easily distinguishable visual aesthetics.

These animated yo-yos are not only 180 frames long turntable animated mp4 files but also are the key to entering the Crypto YoYo Club. All future NFT releases will be available to the original yo-yo NFT holders for free mint.

Our core intention is to empower our community to draft all our upcoming releases.

For example, when we initiate Community Directed Animated Shorts, we will set up a poll for all holders to vote on each part of the production pipeline. From selecting the script, creating each character, visual style, and every aspect will be decided based on the provided votes from the club member.

Phase 1: Build the Community

It is the most important Phase and can determine the success or failure of the project from the very beginning. Any project to succeed needs a strong and supportive community that shares the project's same vision.

Right off the bat, we plan to build our community solely based on polls. We will post polls to the community to vote for every step of our decision. Eventually, any holders of our NFTs will have the right to vote on the broader aspect of our project, such as the Decision-making process of DAOs, the Production Pipeline for Animated Shorts in 2.5D, etc.

  • No Obligation Whitelist Spots:

Crypto Yoyo Club offers 100 whitelist spots for the bare minimum purchase range. The entire process is first-come, first-serve and does not require any grinding to win the whitelist as the lottery.

We, however, will ensure the sales process is easy for both parties by collecting additional information and wallet verification before releasing the whitelist spots for sale.

  • Public Sale:

As we are focused on building a decision-making community around the club, we will launch a public sale based as soon as we have a broader community.

Our ultimate goal is to have members who actively participate in the decision-making process of our club and help each other expand the reach of the club further.

Phase 2: Produce the Utilities – Part 1

Crypto Yoyo Club was created by Artist Shoeb Mohammad. He had 12 years of on-field experience working as a Character Animator and CG Generalist. Initially, the utilities' focus will be around producing content based on community demands.

Eventually, after publishing 2nd set of 3d Animated Character NFTs Collection, the utilities will roll out web 3.0 apps, games, and marketplace.

  • Free-Mint Twitter NFT Banners:

As the community is the focal point of this project, artist Shoeb will release 2,222 NFT banners having 3000x1000 pixels. The project will be Free-mint only for the original Crypto Yoyo Club NFT holders.

A separate but linked smart contract will be built for airdropping the collection to the owners.

The duration of producing these banners will be finished within 4-6 weeks after all whitelist spots are sold out.

  • $PINZ Tokens:

$PINZ Tokens will be the second utility introduced as the Crypto Yoyo Club Metaverse currency. It can be used to transact within the Metaverse to interact with the contracts for future features. The token can also be used with other Ethereum ERC-20 tokens on decentralized exchanges.

SPINZ token is both a utility token and a governance token of the Crypto Yoyo Club Metaverse. The more tokens you have, the more authority and influence you have for future roadmap and features.

  • Community Directed Animated Shorts (CDAS):

This production utility is created for honoring the motto of the Crypto Yoyo Club, "we are all about our community."

Artist Shoeb will create a series of scripts with clear logs, then these scripts will be put up for voting. Club members will have options to choose a specific script or reject it.

Based on votes, the artist will pick the winning scripts. The production pipeline for creating a series of 2.5D animated shorts will proceed.

The club members will vote and direct each episode from character names, type, physical attributes, scene setup, props, and environment.

An entire production progress report will be publicly listed on the website.

Phase 2: Produce the Utilities – Part 2

  • 3D Animated Character NFT Series:

As soon as 75% of our yo-yo NFTs are sold, we will start producing the 2nd series of our NFT collection. This collection will be free-mint for all original yo-yo NFT holders.

The art style, character/creature selection, and traits will be decided by the Crypto Yoyo Club members via polls and votes.

The production calendar will be public, and milestones will be announced to the club members exclusively.

  • DAO Treasury:

Our community is the fuel to establish a brand. To boost the brand value and create mass awareness, there needs to be a treasury created by the DAO members. As soon as the project sells there, we will create a DAO Treasury with a Multigeniture wallet.

The DAO members will decide how and where the treasury will be spent to increase the value of the Crypto Yoyo Club brand.

  • Metaverse Marketplace:

We intend to allow all club members to share a common goal and vision of the club, which is why we intend to create a web 3.0 marketplace where club members can interact with each other virtually, buy/exchange digital assets and create a healthy ecosystem to thrive the community further for the future.

To learn more please join official discord server: https://discord.com/invite/am3ZHPJCKw

About the author

Shoeb Mohammad is an online entrepreneur, artist, and industry leader with 10+ years of experience in business development, marketing, and art. He was born in Tehran, raised in Dhaka, and went to pursue higher education in Ontario. Shoeb finished his diploma from SAE, Brisbane, focusing on animation. He has taught animation academically before a couple of global brands picked Shoeb to promote and market their services and develop digital growth.

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